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These are some questions from people who have visited my site. And I'm too lazy to write a biography today. :)

1)Who is Chelle?
I'm a thirty year old woman. I live in the armpit of the United States. I love to research vampire lore and mythology and the paranormal in general. When I'm not doing any of the above I'm normally working way too hard as a logistics manager. I'm also always dieting and always hungry so I'm usually grouchy. :) Also of note, my grandmother was a bonafide wicca so I know all about Paganism.

2) What is the point of this site?
This site is my hobby. I like to write fanfiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and this is where I house it. It's also going to be branching out and I'll be dedicating a lot of space to conspiracy theories, poetry, original short stories, essays, etc.

3) Who are your favorite actors/actresses?
My favorite actresses are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sandra Bullock, Julia Stiles, Stockard Channing, and Marcy Walker. My favorite actors are Heath Leger, James Marsters, Jack Nicholson, Tommy Lee Jones, and Tom Hanks.

4) You like to write. So who's your favorite author?
My favorite author is J.K. Rowling. I'm so enraptured by the Harry Potter books that I'm sick with need for the seventh. I also enjoy Stephen King, Shakespeare, Catherine Coulter, and so many others!

5) What's your favorite movie?
My favorite movies (plural, can't pick one) are The Princess Bride, Labryinth, The Goonies, The Legend of Billie Jean, The Green Mile, Armageddon, Interview With The Vampire, Tommy Boy, Bulletproof, As Good As It Gets, My Cousin Vinny, A Knight's Tale, Ten Things I Hate About You, Steel Magnolias, and Sweet Dreams: The Patsy Cline Story

6) What are your favorite television shows?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Crocodile Hunter, Trauma: Life In The Er, Forensic Files, Court T.V. and American Idol and that's about it. I don't watch television all that often.

7) What's your favorite color?
My favorite color is hunter green. I just like it. Also, I like beige.

8) What's your favorite food?
Anything on the Atkins Diet.

9) Do you have kids?
No. And I have no plans for any in the future.

10) Do you have pets?
I have two dogs and three birds.

11) What else do you write?
I like to keep my other endeavors private. Sorry.

12) Are you a pervert or something?

13) Why don't you update more?
I've got a lot of things that I do besides write. None that I enjoy nearly as much, but stuff that has to be done nonetheless. :(

14) Is your hair naturally curly?
Yep. Every foot of it. It's the bane of my existence.

15) Which authors do you like most in this fandom?
Ouch! That's a loaded question! Uhm, visit my links page.

16) Who's your favorite on Buffy?
The Slayer herself is my favorite. I adore Buffy Summers. She's a great role model and there's nothing about her I dislike. I also love Spike! Buffy and Spike!

17) Who's your least favorite on Buffy?
I find myself disliking the current nerd troika this season.

18) What's your favorite Buffy episode?
Something Blue - for B/S smoochies, but overall, I'd have to say Hush or Passion. Ooh, maybe Becoming II. Hell, ask me something easy - like how many stars are in the sky! I can't answer this one. :)

19) Do you like the show Angel?
HELL TO THE POWER OF NO! I hate that show with every fiber of my being. The ONLY thing that persuades me to watch, on the rare occassions I do tune in, is just to laugh and mock. I hate it. I think it's poorly written, the characters don't even resemble the characters I knew and loved, and the plots (what plots?) are so boring that I can't even get interested enough to MISS seeing it weekly. I just don't like it.

20) Will you keep writing after Buffy is off the air?
As long as I can come up with good ideas, I'll keep on writing. I don't plan on stopping until I'm too plot bankrupt to go on. And considering how many ideas I have, I don't see that happening, like, ever. :)

These were all questions that have been sent to me recently so I thought I'd answer them here. I'm also trying to be a little more private about some things, and that's no reflection on anyone who reads my fic, it's the fact that I realized the hard way that you can give too much information and regret it.

Many thanks for stopping by my site! :)

This concludes the get to know me portion of your web experience...E-mail!! lnlypoet@yahoo.com

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