Bend And Break

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I borrowed this title and line from a song off of Buffy. I mean no copyright infringement.

She thought that her highest call was as a friend
Even though she fought demons of her own
She was The Chosen One in several ways
But the life she led was a life alone
She reached out to the few she had
And she tried to do the best she could
But she bends and she breaks
She's just like anyone who would
She was told she wasn't good enough
Several times before
But when she realized it herself
It hurt her all the more
Nothing came close to the pain she inflicted
On those that she held dear
So she ran away one day
Out of desperation and fear
She took with her the memories
Of the laughter and the tears
She took with her a heavy heart
Because she succumbed to her fear
She bended the hearts of the very ones
Who had stood and fought by her side
She broke the trust they placed it her
When she said she was strong, she lied
She's more will she walk the halls
No more will she be in town
But she bends and she breaks
Even when she's not around

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