Buffy and Angel

Written by: Chelle
Alone in the night, no pillow for my head
Alone..here I am..wishing I was dead
Thinking back to yesterday
Knowing I loved you anyway
Could I have saved you
Before it changed you?
I remember the look  in you eyes
I took your life, before you realized
You called my name and reached for me
I'd like to think it set you free
You'd die if you knew
The hell you put me through
But still..I lie awake at night
and still..I need you to make it right
I whisper to the wind
How can I make it end
How much I love you still
I keep running but it's real
I can't find a place to hide
Not since the night you died
Here I am..a kid on the surface
But my life had a purpose
What a cruel twist of fate
That I had to know too late