An Ode To Angel

Written by: Chelle
They tell me you're bad, they don't realize
To me you're still Angel, in disguise
They tell me I'm wrong, I should end your reign
But I still love you just the same
My renegade lover, you're leather, I'm lace
Yet we go together like churches and grace
And when you touched me, your mouth on my skin
It answered my question, it wasn't a sin
So how do I end you, with a thrust of my stake
When the bad things you've done were all a mistake
Somewhere inside you, I know you're still there
You can call me names and pretend you don't care
I'll find you again and unleash your soul
And I will warm your flesh so cold
Angel, can't you see it in my eyes
To bring you back I'd gladly die
I'd take it all back if you'd be the same
The Angel I loved before you changed
I'd stand and I'd watch you and long to kiss your lips
But now I watch as the blood drips
It stains my conscience and it stains my soul
But I love you too much to let you go
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