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You often dream of Heaven While you live your life in hell You tell me the fire freezes you Ever since you fell

But Heaven is on fire Every soul still bleeds And Eden is burning down to ash The Garden is full of weeds

You often say you'd rather die Than walk this world again You say your body's weary And your patience has worn thin

But death is just a state of being And the burn won't find you there Eden is on fire right here You can feel it if you dare

The Garden is full of weeds And our hearts are full of rust The pain of living follows us When our bodies turn to dust

So walk with me in Heaven Right here on the ground Burning-Eden is all you need The fire has now been found

Guard The Dark

the night she has no secrets and every sound is heard so climb into my bed tonight but please don't say a word my heart is thick with armor and you can never stay so please don't try to change me with anything you can say

i'll take you in my arms and wear you like a second skin i will bare myself to you and let you enter in but don't attempt to melt the steel that hardens my heart and soul it's more than just a wall i've built and you can't take it when you go

take me as i am all that i can offer is my touch you will never see inside my soul because i guard it too damn much don't ask me questions as we lie in the dark and please don't same my name i am forever a stranger and that will never change

What You Do ©lonelypoet poetry (tm) 2000

you violate my pride you annihilate my senses you break into my resolve and take away my defenses
you corrupt my desire and interrupt my sanity you mutilate my resistance and desecrate what's left of me

you burn into my memory you churn inside my veins you rip apart my insides and whip me with your chains

you drown me in your bitter rain and crown me with your thorns you kill me with your icy touch and drill me with your horns

you gore me with your fingernails and bore me with your lies you assassinate my self control and fascinate me with your thighs

You and I ©lonelypoet poetry (tm) 2000

tattered, torn and broken you're a mission - i'm a cause you treat me like a charity but only see my flaws battered, worn, and misspoken you're a misfit - i'm unwanted you treat me to your misery i pretend to be undaunted

bent, weary and aching you're a martyr -i'm the beast you take your anger out on me it doesn't bother me in the least spent, leery and breaking you're a psycho - i'm insane it's all we have in common and i would not change a thing


In And Out ©lonelypoet poetry (tm) 2000

you reel me in you toss me out your savage touch makes me doubt that you mean the things you say you pull me close then walk away you call my name you run and hide you steal my breath you steal my pride i let you burn me i am blind i let you warp me and ruin my mind you come and go you steal my light your heart's as black as a starless night i let you taint me i let you win i want you out i want you in

Parasite ©lonelypoet poetry (tm) 2000

there's a parasite in the water and a bloodstain on my skin i can't wash it off because i can't give in there's a wolf in the distance prowling in the night and it howls so loud it covers me like a blanket made of fright

my feet pound on the pavement and it jars me to my soul i could run a thousand miles and have no place to go shrouded in the shadows deafened by this silent scream i can't outrun my destiny but i'm running out of steam

there's a piece of meat that's missing from the muscle of my jaw i try to chew you up and spit you out but all i do is gnaw you rip into my senses and hang me out to dry i should run away from you but i can't, so i don't try

Spike's Journal

The noose around my neck
Tightens when we touch
The pit of fire inside of me
Burns me so damn much
Your fascinate and violate
The corners of my mind
And this is all that's left of me
I'm here for you to grind

Feed me to the masses
Hide me in a cell
Loving you is killing me
So send me straight to hell
Torture me with kisses
Maim me with your tongue
Intoxicate me with violence
And kill me when you're done


My soul is damned to eternal hell
And I walk right next to Heaven
Her hair smells like apple cider
That I had when I was eleven
I want to drink her into me
And leave her out to die
But the fucking chip inside my head
Hurts so much I cry


She's little like a midget
A flighted fairy gnome
But she could kick my ass
From Sunnydale to Rome
What is it about her
That fills me up with need
I don't know if I should kiss her
Or hit her until she bleeds


I think of what it would be like
If I could shag her once
Then I get all whimsical
And turn into a ponce
I picture in my head
Her little body bare
I'm tempted to go spy on her
But the sun is up so I don't dare


I wonder if she's a natural blond
Or dark underneath her knickers
I'd like to pull her panties down
So that I could flick her
I bet she'd mewl and call my name
Or possibly she would stake me
Maybe she would use me first
Either way she would break me


Buffy is the oddest name
Something you'd name a kitten
Now I have her envisioned
With a puffy tail and tiny mittens
I picture her all the time
I like to picture her nude
I'd like to see the real thing
But she has a shitty attitude


Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Sounds just like a cartoon
But her delicate little body
Makes me a blundering buffoon
I bet that she would laugh at me
If she knew the way I pined
And pretended that she was with me
And that she would always be mine


I saw her on the dance floor
First impression, man she's hot
She was gyrating slowly
Her back to a human snot
I couldn't look away
I think I have to maim her
But first I'm gonna have some fun
And damn sure rename her


I sometimes love the beast in me
When it tells me I should hate you
Because all that I will ever be
Is a thing that can not take you
I want to be the mortal boy
The one who slips inside
Not the monster who lurks in the dark
With everything to hide


If I told you that I love you
Would you laugh in my face
Or would you step outside the laws
And live with a disgrace
You did it once before
And I know I'm no Angel
But I can worship your body
And love you like no stranger

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