Christmas Gift

Written by: Chelle

(from Angel's point of view)

I stand upon the hill
And watch the town sleep
I wait for the sun to rise
Because I must be weak
I admitted to myself
That I need her to survive
And I can't go on loving her
So I choose to die

(From Buffy's Point of view)

I found him all alone
Just looking through the night
I reached out for his heart
And pulled with all my might
I have to get through to him
I can not let him go
Am I wrong to keep him here
I love him...he has to know

(from Angel's point of view)

Look at her standing there
Crying for a broken man
I want so much to hold her
Her hurt I just can't stand
I am not the thing she thinks
I have cut her like a knife
Please someone, make her go away
And let me end this life

(From Buffy's Point of view)

I told him that I love him
And I shouted out the truth
I know all the things he did
Because I am living proof
I just can't take it
He won't be strayed
He keeps insisting
It's better this way

(From Angel's POV)

Her tears are falling
And her voice is now cold
I think she accepted
That I must go

(Buffy's POV)

I'm so mad that he would choose
To leave me alone this way
Please God, show him
A reason he has to stay


And so it came to be
On Christmas morning instead
The sun would not rise
A fallen Angel would not be dead
Snowflakes froze on teary cheeks
And they strolled hand in hand
A Christmas miracle, an answered prayer
The Slayer got her man

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