The Curse

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An ancient curse, as old as time
A man who walked the world to kill
Met one night when the wind blew cold
A soul they placed so he would feel

Lonesome was this man from that day
Haunted by his terrible deeds
Walking through the world a tortured soul
Supressing his urge to feed

He saw her and gazed at his destiny
For in her eyes he saw
That she loved him completely
Despite his scars and flaws

She showed him the wonder around him
And he felt true happiness at last
But woe be unto the man that day
For it blasted him back to the past

A killer awoke with an Angel's face
But a heart as black as the night
The very hand that loved the girl
Drew back and made her fight

She cried for him and the love they lost
And she cried because in the whole world
There's only one person who is chosen to kill
And she was just that girl

He made her life a living hell
Yet he had the chance to kill her several times
But he only taunted her and hurt her friends
Hoping she'd lose her mind

The battles waged a war
And the day of reckoning came
The sword sliced through the air
And he shouted her name

Unknown to the girl that day
The curse had been restored
She watched him fade to oblivion
Knowing she'd love him forevermore

An ancient curse as old as time
Somehow meant to be a saviour
Met one day with a girl in love
And forever changed the Slayer