Orgasms Can Be Dangerous

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"How do I still get pulled into this madness?" Cordelia snapped, glaring at Giles. "If it's just because I have a car then I'll do something and make daddy take it."

"Cordelia," Xander smiled sweetly, locking Oz inside the cage to await his changing. "It isn't JUST because you have a car. We can't get enough of you. Gluttons are we for cruel and unusual punishment."

"Yes," Giles nodded...then quickly cleared his throat. "I isn't because you have a car. Mr. Trick is targeting Faith. You and Faith do look alike..."

"OH NO NO NO." Cordelia yelled.

"I told you she wouldn't be a decoy." Xander shrugged. "She's scared."

"I do NOT look like her! She's positively..MANLY! I am a woman of class." Cordelia shouted and then it dawned on her that Xander had said something. "A decoy?"

"A decoy." Giles nodded. "We need you to go slaying with Buffy as Faith. Faith will head to Trick's warehouse..hopefully kill him. When Trick's men will simply run away"

"And hopefully trip and get eaten but we can't win them all." Xander smirked.

"And what if I do get killed and eaten?" Cordelia asked.

"Best case scenario? Severe indigestion for some poor soulless critter." Xander chuckled at himself. "Worst case? You poison him."

"Xander!" Giles snapped. "Do you know how tiresome you can become?"

"Yep. That's my job. It's what I do. I am the Zeppo. Isn't that right, Cordy? I'm the Zeppo and you're a chicken. I'd say we are even." Xander fluttered his eyelashes at Cordy.

"I'm in!!" Cordy leveled him with an icy stare. "And while I'm off Slaying with the big guns and fighting danger.. you stay behind like a good little lady and keep an eye on your charge!"

Xander jumped to his feet as she walked out the door. "HEY! Oz can be alot of danger when he's a WOLF!" As if on cue, Oz flung himself at the cage and growled at Xander. "I also have been known to put him on a leash and walk him!!"

Giles cleared his throat and glanced over his glasses at Xander.

"Not really." Xander shrugged. "I felt compelled to lie. The truth hurts."

"Watch Oz." Giles said and went to call Buffy.

Nightfall descended on Sunnydale, washing away the safety of daylight and turning the town over to the night dwellers. Trick's men had gathered and he glanced them over before speaking. "I have never seen a more pathetic bunch. The last time we tried this most of the workers DIED. These two Slayers are powerful on their own but together they are a fighting machine. The little blond one is smart. She's crafty and the dark haired one is full of fire. Get too close and she'll burn you. But if you don't get close enough to kill her, I'll burn you. As of tonight, the Slayer world will lose its Faith..and once we've done that, Buffy is all mine."

The assortment of vampires and other demons all murmured their approval and Trick beamed proudly. "Let's get it done. The first one to bring me her head..wins."

* * * * * * * * * *

Cordelia grimaced and honked the horn at Buffy's again. She was actually wearing JEANS. As in denim. As in EWW! She had pulled her hair into a ponytail and her face was scrubbed clean. She figured they would be doing a lot of screaming and alot of worrying..which made her skin oily..which caused she had decided to be clean and clear and under control. She had decided to look bad. Like Buffy. She honked her horn again and rolled her eyes when the front door finally opened. Buffy and Faith both hugged Joyce and headed to the car.

"What was the hold up?" Cordy snapped, then looked at the girls more closely. Both were blond. "Faith, what happened to your hair?"

"It's a wig." Faith shrugged. "Giles thinks that Buffy should go fight Trick and you and me are gonna go patrol. I am supposed to look like Buffy."

"Buffy only wished she looked that good." Cordy said, appraising Faith's outfit.

"Just drive Cordelia." Buffy snapped.

The girls arrived at the library a few minutes later and met with the others to put the finishing touches on the plan. Willow and Giles would be following Faith and Cordelia in Oz's van. Buffy and Angel were meeting at the warehouse to attack Trick the second he was alone.

"It seems foolproof." Buffy said, glancing at Cordy. "But not Cordy proof. At the first sign of run to the van. Giles and Faith will take out the vamps."

"I know what to do. I have survived at the Hellmouth longer than you." Cordelia snapped.

"Somebody up there hates me." Xander nodded. "That's the only reason I can think of."

"Let's go." Buffy said.

* * * * * *

Willow and Giles followed Cordelia and Faith. They kept a fair amount of space between themselves and the two girls. Vampires were dumb..but they knew a set up when they saw one.

"Did you remember to bring Holy Water?" Giles asked.

"Yeah. It's in the bag." Willow glanced at Giles. "Giles?"


"I've been thinking...about what you said. About how we can't be together. I don't think I can accept that. I already told you..I'm in love with you." Willow bit her lower lip. "I'm almost 18, Giles. In just a few more weeks. And you even said I'm more mature than most."

"Willow," Giles rubbed across her cheek and toyed with her hair. "Sweet, sweet Willow. I told you that I am in love with you as well, didn't I? I also told you why this can't work."

"Because you're older?!" Willow cried. "And because BUFFY wouldn't understand?! She knows better than anyone that age doesn't matter and that love does."

Giles rubbed his forehead. "Willow, please. Can we not do this tonight?"

"I want to be with you, Giles. I NEED to be with you. I've been saving myself for that perfect someone..and that perfect someone is you. Why do you want to fight it?"

"What about Oz?" Giles looked across the van at her. "Have you told Oz about your feelings for me?"

"Oz and I are just friends. He has a new...uhm...squeeze." Willow smiled.


Xander paced back and forth in front of the cage. "I can't believe I'm in love with a werewolf." Oz growled and leapt at the cage when Xander got to close. "Stop that, Oz. You'll bruise yourself and we won't be able to have ANY fun."


Cordelia was actually enjoying the walk with Faith. Faith was funny, candid, and she felt the same way about men as Cordelia. They were dogs. Faith was telling all about her first time. Cordy was getting all hot and bothered because Faith went into great detail. It was wonderful It was like listening to phone sex..only for free and Cordelia didn't have to worry about who to blame the phone bills on this way.

"So, who was your first?" Faith asked. "Xander?"

"Ewww, gross." Cordy made a face. "I uhm....well..I haven't actually HAD a first."

"WHAT!?" Faith shook her wig-covered head. "Somebody as hot as you?"

"Many boys have tried. I kinda want a man." Cordelia shrugged.

"Yeah. Boys with their little vienna sausage hard ons just don't do it for me either." Faith agreed.

"So, here we are." Cordelia pushed open the gates of the park. "Want to swing for a while?"

"Sure." Faith chuckled as they raced towards the swings.


Giles parked the van in the bushes so that they had a perfect view of the girls on the swing. As long as they stayed in that area he'd be able to intervene if things got bad. He flipped the radio on low and loosened his tie a little.

"Do you want something to drink?" Willow asked.

"Yes, thank you." He replied.

Willow got up and went into the back of the van. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that Giles had closed his eyes, rubbing them as if he had a headache. She quickly pulled her dress over her head and opened the small refrigerator. Taking a Lipton's tea, she sat back on the small bed at the back of the van and held it between her legs. "Giles?" she cooed.


"Why don't you come and get it?"

Giles put his glasses back on and turned around. His eyes went wide when he saw her, sitting nude. "Oh my."

She smiled coyly and crooked her finger at him, beckoning him. He quickly unstrapped his seatbelt and joined her. Kneeling in front of her, he gently ran a hand along her creamy thigh. "So lovely." he said in a ragged whisper.

"Giles, please make love to me."

"Willow, we shouldn't...."

Willow quieted him with a kiss, wrapping her legs around his waist and pressing herself against him. He was still kneeling so her inner thigh rubbed across his lower abdomen. He could feel how ready she was. He could smell her musky longing. His erection practically leapt from his pants. Pulling back from the kiss, he lowered his head to her breasts. Each nipple hardened in his mouth. He cupped her ass, lifting her and turning them both so she could straddle him. He sat on the edge of the bed, reveling in the feel of her open legs and her need for him.

Willow threw her head back as he sucked at her nipple. It sent an electric shock straight down her body and it exploded between her legs. She could feel her pool flowing freely onto Giles's trousers. He squeezed her ass and she moaned out in need for him. Willow could feel how hard he was and she began to grind her center into his. Digging her heels on the bed so she could maneuver better. He groaned loudly and turned them again. Lying her back on the bed, and quickly shedding himself of his shirt and tie.

Giles gazed down at her. Her skin was milky white, glistening in the full moonlight, just like the porcelain dolls his mother used to admire in shop windows. Her stomach was smooth and flat, peppered with small red freckles that he couldn't wait to taste. The hair that curled between her thighs was as ruby red as the blush that was quickly rising to her cheeks. He knew she was both scared and anxious.

Lowering his mouth between her legs was Heaven for both of them. She had never felt such pleasure and he had never tasted such sweetness. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and quickly began to gyrate against his hungry mouth. He lapped furiously, wanting to savor every last drop of the perfection that was Willow.

Her body tingled. This must be what an orgasm was. She relaxed and lost herself in the feel of his mouth, his tongue..the way he sucked at her folds. She felt pressure began to build in her stomach. 'Oh God, I can't have to pee.' she thought. She tensed a little and then exploded in orgasm. She shook from head to toe. THIS was an orgasm. She could feel herself contracting against his face and he groaned against her, vibrating her and forcing yet another orgasm to take her. She screamed and bucked against him. Giles pulled away and quickly lowered his pants. He could hear her breathing and knew she was ready.

"Giles..they keep their condoms in the glove compartment." she whispered.

"Oh yes." he quickly went to the front and grabbed the box, fishing out a trojan. He glanced out and saw that Faith and Cordelia were sitting on the merry go round laughing with each other and then joined Willow again.

"I'm afraid your first time may not be that pleasant." Giles said sadly.

"I can take it." Willow sat up and watched him sheath himself in the latex, wondering if she actually COULD take it. It was quite large.

"Just stay relaxed." Giles said, pushing her back.

He licked across her stomach, trailing upward towards her breasts. He paused at each, making sure they were hard and finally found her mouth. He devoured her, his tongue dipping in and fighting with hers. With one hand he guided himself slowly to her opening. He entered her just a little, massaging her hip and willing himself not to plunge into her. Willow tensed a little and he quickly soothed her with whispers until she relaxed again. She was very tight and he knew that it would hurt.

"Just do it." Willow whispered.

He kissed her as he slid in further, feeling her blockage and thrusting past it. She cried out as he had expected, grabbing his hips and pushing him back a little. He complied and waited for her to give him the go ahead. For several seconds, she fought back the tears that burned her eyelids..then she kissed him softly and stopped holding him back. He took both of her hands in his and raised them above her head. Dipping his head into her neck he gently nuzzled as he began to pump into her. Soon the pain she felt was replaced by a powerful need to feel him move faster inside of her. She began to meet him thrust for thrust..moving faster and faster against him.

Totally oblivious to anything but each other, they never heard the muffled screams that came from the merry go round.

* * * * * *

The men had ambushed Faith and Cordelia. The girls hadnít seen them coming until it was too late and the net had been thrown over them. Kicking and screaming they fought hard against their attackers. The three men hefted the girls and took them deeper into the woods. They planned on leaving them there for a while, going and getting the others and then having a little fun with the two girls before they killed Faith and took Buffy to Trick.

They used a rope to haul the net over a tree limb, securing it around the trunk. Faith and Cordy dangled about four feet off the ground. Neither girl spoke to their attackers, Faith was busy trying to formulate a plan and Cordelia was busy trying to get the dust off her Calvin Kleins.

The men talked amongst themselves and then headed off together.

"They are leaving us?!" Cordy wailed. "What if..."

"Shut up!" Faith snapped. "I have to get us out of this."

"Oh wait!!! I can get us out of this." Cordelia dug through her backpack. "Nail file!!!"

"A nail file won't cut this rope!" Faith pointed out.

"No..I have a small pair of scissors that I have to have in home ec. The nail file is for me. I broke my pinky nail." Cordy handed Faith the pair of scissors and began to file her nail.

Faith quickly cut them out of the net and they landed with a thump onto the ground. "You saved us, Cordelia!"

"I save everyone all the time." Cordelia waved a hand in the air. "No one appreciates it."

"I do." Faith smiled. "OH DAMN! I left my bag. I had my stakes in it."

Cordelia glanced around and shrugged. "Who cares, they are long gone."

"Oh no." Faith said, looking over Cordelia's shoulder. "They're back."

The men had returned with a few friends. Cordelia shrieked and leapt beside Faith. "Slay them!"

"With what?!" Faith mumbled.

Cordy quickly glanced around and grabbed two sticks. She handed one to Faith and kept one for herself. There were five men in all. At least four of them were definitely vampires. Suddenly, Cordelia had an idea. She gave her stick to Faith and whispered, "Make a cross with it."

Faith complied and the vampires hissed, backing away a few feet. Cordy dug through her backpack again, pulling out her eyeliner. She quickly pulled the cap off and drew a cross on Faith's forehead. She drew one on her own and then smiled.

"That's it?!" Faith asked.

"No." Cordelia glanced at the vampires. "Now pray..loud. Holy stuff wigs them out."

"The Lord is my shepherd...I shallot not want.." Faith began.."except I want for a stake."

"Shut up and keep doing it." Cordy nudged her.

"Help me."

"I don't know it!"

"And I do?!"

"Okay let's try for an easier prayer." Cordy scratched her head. "Now I lay me down to sleep...."

She continued to recite the childhood prayer as the vampires stared at them. "Are we sure these are the Slayers?" one sneered.

"They can't be." a bald one answered.

"They're crazy." said one with a leather jacket.

Faith grabbed the wooden eyeliner from Cordelia and tossed it through the heart of the bald one. "We ARE crazy..but we have good aim."

"And I have three lip liners and two more eyeliners. All wood." Cordy stared them down. "If you thought her aim was good..I ALWAYS have perfectly lined lips and eyes. I'm damn good with those pencils. A Picasso!"

The vamps glanced at one another and took off.

"You saved us." Faith looked stunned.

"I always save everyone and no one appreciates it." Cordy said again.

"I do." Faith said, walking up to her and planting a kiss on her lips.

Cordelia was stunned for a second, unable to move, then she wrapped her arms around Faith's waist and kissed her deeply. It made her tingle from head to toe. Faith pulled away and took her hand. "My place is just a few blocks away. We'll be safe there."

Hand in hand the girls took off, forgetting all about Giles and Willow.


Giles would never tire of holding Willow in his arms. Unfortunately, their time was limited tonight, but later he'd definitely hold her like he should. He gently kissed her and sat up. Pulling on his pants and shoes.

"Thank you, Giles." she said in a sleepy voice and wrapped herself in the sheet.

"Thank YOU, Willow." He rubbed her hair back and then turned. He glanced out into the park and gasped. "Oh dear."

"What's wrong?" Willow sat up quickly.

"Get dressed." Giles pulled his shirt on and ran out of the jeep. He swore when he saw Faith's Slayer's bag lying turned over. Judging from the marks on the sand he could tell that there had been a scuffle.

Willow ran to his side. "What are we going to do?"



Faith unlocked her door and motioned Cordelia inside. Cordy glanced around, impressed by the homey touches Faith had placed inside the dingy room. "I really like how you have it decorated."

Faith nodded. "It's beautiful with you in it."

Cord actually blushed. "Thank you."

"Queen C? How would you like to have your first time be one for the record books?" Faith walked slowly toward her and ran her palms up Cordy's bare arms. "I have perfect aim with my tongue too."

"I bet you do." Cordy smiled and leaned into Faith, kissing her softly.

Faith moved to the front of Cordelia's jeans and unbuttoned them slowly. Kissing along her collarbone and licking her ear.

"Let's take a shower." Cordy suggested.

Faith led her to the bathroom, helping her rid herself of her clothes, then shedding her own. Faith pulled the blond wig off and turned the shower on. Turning to face Cordy, she gently ran her hands over her head, helping her take the pony tail out, massaging her scalp. Cordy closed her eyes and leaned into Faith, running her hands along her bare ass and hips.

"You have an amazing body." Cordy sighed.

"Wash me." Faith pulled her into the shower.

Cordy took the loofah and soaped it with the body wash. She began at the other girl's shoulders and neck. Moving her hand in slow, soft circles. Caressing her breasts, loving the feel of their firmness, a blessing of her training, Cordelia sighed and moved her free hand between Faith's legs. The girl complied by opening them further, inviting her to do what she wanted. Cordy ran the loofah down her stomach and moved to her back..taking special care around the fullness of her ass. Dropping to her knees, she used both hands to soap her legs, much to Faith's chagrin, as she was loving the petting. Turning her into the water to rinse, Cordy ran kisses along the small of her back, biting her gently on the ass a few times and rubbing her breasts along the backs of her thighs. Faith turned and Cordy began to nibble at her belly button.

Faith pulled her to her feet, took the loofah from her, and washed Cordy much the same way, taking care to lather the black triangle between her legs with her bare fingers. Cordelia groaned and put her hand to her mouth, chewing at her palm. She shampooed Cordy's hair, kissing her deeply as her fingers played through her scalp.

Fresh from the shower the girls tumbled into the bedroom, arm in arm. Faith pushed Cordy toward the bed. "My hair, "she protested. "It will tangle."

Faith grabbed her brush and sat behind her on the bed, brushing gently through her wet hair. She slowly brushed all the tangles and then blotted it with the towel. "Happy?"

"I think we could both stand to be happier." Cordy smiled and turned to face her.

Faith threw the brush across the room and yanked the towel from Cordy's body. She pulled the girl on top of her, so that their bodies melded together. Kissing passionately and hungrily, the girlís tongues danced an erotic dance in and out of each other mouths. Faith rolled her onto her back and stood over her, facing her feet. "You ever heard of sixty-nine?"

"This is Sunnydale, California. Not Sunnydale, South America. We DO know about that here." Cordy grinned.

Faith lowered herself onto Cordy's face and bent forward, pushing her legs apart and running her tongue up and down her slit to get her moist. Cordy groaned out and pushed upward, all the while attacking Faith's clit with a fervor. Cordy massaged her ass, running her tongue up and around Faith's opening, plunging inside and then directing her attention to her clit. Faith was grinding into her face. Cordy loved it. She loved everything about it.

The moaning grew so loud that someone in the next room pounded on the wall, neither girl cared as one orgasm after another rocked through them. Finally exhausted, they lay facing each other, kissing and massaging each other.

"You make me feel whole." Cordy sighed.

"Same here." Faith replied. "I could get used to this."

"I already am." Cordy grinned and snuggled in close, closing her eyes.

Faith kissed her head and closed her own eyes, feeling content for the first time in her life.


Giles and Willow drove around for hours, looking for the girls, they ran into Buffy, who told them that she hadn't had a chance to attack Trick because several vamps stayed around him. She did hear them say that the girls had gotten away. Relief flooded through them as they dropped Buffy off at her house. Giles drove Willow home, sitting in the road with her.

"Tonight was amazing." Willow said.

"Yes, it was." Giles kissed her hand.

"My parents are out of town if you want to come in."

"I definitely want to come in...again and again." Giles whispered.

They went in and called Faith. She relayed what had happened and how Cordy had saved them. Giles told her to take the day off tomorrow and just enjoy herself. Faith assured him she definitely would.


The sun arose in Sunnydale. Wiping away the horror of night and casting everything in a new light. Oz stood nude inside his cage watching Xander sleep.

"Hey, gorgeous!" he called.

Xander opened one eye and glanced at him.

"I'm nude and in this cage." Oz scratched his head.

"Yes you are."

"And you are clothed and out there." Oz smiled. "What's not right about that?"

"Let's make it right." Xander grinned and joined him.


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