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Undulates from the mouth of a demon
She stands mesmerized, transfixed by the ironic beauty
Made her a victim of circumstance and she must choose quickly
For every second counts on the mouth of hell
The Choice
She must make is hard and she rips her eyes from the demon
To gaze upon the beauty of an Angel
The Battle
Is fought within her as her heart overpowers her duty
And for the briefest moment she lingers on his kiss
Overtakes her and she begins to cry
She curses the Gods that made her what she is silently
Falls around her as she strikes her lover with the end of the sword
She stares as all she has ever loved vanishes..he is gone
Are the hopes of remaining in the life she loathed but took for granted
As she hides her pain and takes a backward glance
Is nothing new to the Chosen One because she is one of a kind
But the silence deafens her and she cries inwardly for all she has lost
Becomes a memory as she heads for a life she fears
Youth has gone away...the Slayer is no longer a child