Written by: Chelle
Set after Graduation.

Buffy's Point Of View

You made a lasting impression
One that's etched into my mind
I watched you walk away from me
But you left your heart behind

And mine is going with you
A love that stains your soul
You'll always have a part of me
Everywhere you go

As lonely as this road will be
Your love will lead the way
I can go on without you
But there's so much I didn't say

Did my longing look speak volumes
Could you hear me whisper good-bye
Did you see the pain on my face
As I tried not to cry

It was so hard to stand there
And watch you walk away
But I wouldn't trade the memories
Or take back yesterday

Good-bye to my Angel
My lover and my friend
I know we'll meet again someday
True love knows no end


Angel's Point Of View

I wanted to see that you were okay
So I stood there in the dark
I saw you look around for me
But I couldn't follow my heart

I wanted to walk up to you
And hold you one last time
But I knew if I took that step
It would change my mind

No matter where I go now
Your face is all I'll see
Close your eyes on the darkest night
And I'll meet you in your dreams

So good-bye to you, Buffy
I know it wasn't said
But I could swear you heard me
With your heart instead