It was a beautiful night in Sunnydale. Of course, judging from the faces inside the Bronze,the coolest club in town, one would think a tragedy had just occurred. Willow, Xander, and Angel shared a table in the right hand corner of the room. Cordelia sauntered up to them and ran her fingerís through her long brown hair.

"Hey guys." She cooed. "Xander, wanna dance?"

"Thought youíd never ask!" Xander grinned at her and stood up to follow Cordelia across the room. Instead of going to the dance floor however, they headed for the back stage entrance and went through a door there.

Willow shook her head as she watched them trying to sneak and get away with it. She smiled faintly and said to Angel, "Who do they think they are fooling? Everyone knows what they are up to."

When Angel made no attempt to answer her Willow creased her forehead and looked knowingly at him. "Angel," she said soothingly. "Iím sure Buffy is fine in Los Angeles. She said it was a picnic compared to life here at the Hellmouth. Iíll bet she hasnít slayed anything up there all week!"

"Iím sure youíre right.." Angel nodded in agreement. "I just miss her is the thing. Iíve lived over two hundred years and this week feels twice that long. Has she called you?"

Willow reached out and patted his hand. It was cold. But if Buffy didnít mind it, then who was she to mind it. "As a matter of fact, I talked to her last night and told her all was calm in the killing fields."

"Calm before the storm Iíd wager!" Angel said and sat up straighter.

"What do you mean?" Willow asked and glanced around.

"Check out the dance floor." Angel pointed over Willowís left shoulder and she turned to look.

As she scanned the crowd she noticed that Xander and Cordelia had emerged from backstage(the make-out place). She heard Cordy yelp out loud and saw her jump behind Xander, who hurried her toward their table.

"Do you guys see those vampires?" Xander asked. "Buffy taught me how to spot one well...that one is moonwalking. Definitely was he killed in the eighties!!"

"I know." Cordy whimpered. "I think it tried to bite me."

"Did you see how pale and gross and... and..." Xander trailed off and glanced at Angel. "No offense Count Chocula."

"None taken." Angel said through clenched teeth. His eyes stayed on the dance floor.

"I donít suppose Buffy saw the Ďbat signalí so I guess it is up to the clumsy cohorts of our Slayer to save the day.Right?" Xander said with glee.

"Be serious!!" Cordelia groaned and moved closer to Angel.

"Willow?" Angel said, still not taking his eyes off the dance floor. "Do you notice anything about that blond guy in blue??"

"Ummm..." Willow swallowed and glanced at Angel, "I was just trying not to notice...but since you brought it up...Buffy killed that same vampire last Friday! Remember?? I think we better go over to see Giles. Now!!"

"I am not spending Friday night at the school librarianís house!" Cordy snapped and crossed her arms.

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