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I AmNovember 18, 2001
Buffy tries to come to grips with being alive again. This is her point of view on her first night back.

To FlyJuly 2, 2001
What does Dawn think about losing her sister? Tissue Warning.

Time After TimeApril 27, 2001
(Dawn POV) Dawn consoles Buffy after the episode 'Forever'. Her POV. Tissue warning.

I Need To KnowMarch 6, 2001
(Anya POV) Anya deals with her inner thoughts about Joyce's death and tries to help everyone cope in a special way. [TISSUE WARNING]

Comfortably NumbMarch 6, 2001
(Buffy POV) It's the night after Buffy found her mother's dead body on the couch. These are her inner thoughts and musings. [TISSUE WARNING]

From Here To EternityNovember 26, 2000
(PG-ANGST) Riley has a very special night planned for Buffy, but things never, ever work out the way you plan in Sunnydale. TISSUE WARNING!

Normal LoveOctober31, 2000
(PG)(Buffy/Riley) Buffy and Riley have a little confrontation and she admits why she can't love him. Or maybe she admits why she does.

My Work Is DoneSeptember 17, 00
(PG) (Buffy/Riley) My friend Ellen had very specific requirements for this fic. It involves Buffy breaking up with Riley and what happens when she gets a visit from his sister and has to go to Iowa to make amends.

Orgasms Can Be Dangerous
(NC-17) (Female/Female Male/Female) When Cordelia is asked to help Faith "patrol" neither one are prepared for everything that happens. Willow and Giles get close and Xander and Oz...well..just read it. :)

Unfinished Business
(PG! TISSUE WARNING! Cordy/Doyle) After Doyle's death, Cordelia can't move on until she gets an unexpected visit that helps tie up loose ends. Very angsty, sad fic.

The Fruitcake
(PG No couple/silly fic) Someone challenged me to kill Willow with a fruitcake so I did it. Or..Spike does accident. :)

(PG Doyle angst) Doyle's POV as he tells the story of his life to a mysterious figure that has the power to right a wrong. An alternate ending to Heroes.

Anya's Random Musings
(NC-17 masterbation/humor) Anya is being introspective and sizing up the men of Sunnydale while the gang gathers at Giles' place. Her fantasies get the better of her.

Wrinkled Paper
(PG Cordy Angst/fluff) It's the night Doyle died and Cordy can't seem to let go. She goes to his apartment and finds more than she bargained for.

Four Little Words
(NC-17 Buffy/Riley angst/smut) Set a couple of days after Who Are You. Buffy has isolated herself after Riley's confession that he slept with Faith/Buffy, but not for the obvious reasons. He forces her to talk and ... yikes.

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