Good Vibrations

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The tiny novelty shop was nestled in one corner of Sunnydale's mall. The windows were covered by red velvet curtains and a sign hung over the doorway that read, "Adults Only". Buffy glanced at the passersby before she ducked into the shop, hoping that she wouldn't run into anyone that she knew. Anya had suggested that Buffy was sexually frustrated and buying a pair of vibrating panties, something Anya swore by, was the only way to go. So Buffy, conceding that she was frustrated, agreed and now found herself in the middle of an aisle full of dildos and edible panties.

She blushed, staring around at the many different styles and shapes of the toys that now surrounded her. She quickly ducked into another aisle hoping to find the vibrating section without having to ask for help. Buffy breathed a sigh of relief as she found herself facing a vast array of vibrating toys, all of which seemed to be operated by a remote. "Remote? Why would you need a remote?" she wondered. "Anya didn't say anything about that!"

Buffy eyed the boxes, well aware of the fact that all the blood had rushed to her face. She glanced left to right before she pulled a pack of panties down and began reading the fine print. Apparently, the underwear had a wire in the crotch that was activated by remote and could be triggered up to seventy feet away. Staring at the different designs, she chose a floral pattern with 'super shocking jolts' and glanced at the price. Shaking her head, she mumbled, "What the hell? Merry Christmas, Buffy."

"Hi, I'm Tanya!" Buffy gasped and thrust the package behind her as she spun around to face the voice's owner. "Those are some of our best sellers." the woman confided.

"Oh, you work here." Buffy said, sighing in relief. "Um, I think I want to--"

"Are you going to wear them out?"

"I...No, I think--"

"You should! They're great to wear in public. That particular style is very quiet and plus," the clerk lowered her voice and leaned closer to the Slayer, "it's more fun that way...adds to the pleasure."

"You mean, wearing them around in public makes them work better?" Buffy raised her eyebrow skeptically.

"No, they work great all the time." Tanya replied. "But the whole feeling of having a secret that nobody else knows and flipping the switch anytime makes you that much more aware."

"Oh." Buffy nodded her head, trying not to seem as bashful as she was. "Do you have a dressing room?"

"Straight through the back." Tanya indicated a small room and smiled. "But first, will that be cash or charge?"

Buffy glanced at the box in her hand and fished her credit card out of her purse. If Anya was mistaken and the panties didn't give her a new lease on life, then Anya would owe her quite a bit of money. Excusing herself, she went into the small room with the word 'ladies' written on it and pulled her skirt up. She darted her eyes nervously around the room, almost expecting a hidden camera, and peeled her panties off. Quickly, she pulled the flowered panties on, reading the package and positioning the crotch just so. Wriggling around, she found them to be very comfortable and shrugged, "That's not so bad."

Buffy reached for the door handle and began to turn it when she heard voices just outside. She let go and decided to wait until whoever it was had gone before coming out. "You can just go right in there, sir, and we'll have the remote for you at the front counter. Will this be cash or charge?"


Buffy heard the sound of the door across from hers open and then click shut as she sagged against the wall in shock. She knew that voice. Leaning her head against the door, she began to silently pray to every god or goddess she could think of that Spike wouldn't catch her. It would be unbearable to have him hold something like this over her head. She chewed her lower lip frantically until she heard the door open again and then she held her breath, listening intently. He cleared his voice right outside the door and she almost jumped out of her skin.

Spike grinned when he heard the heavy heartbeat of whoever was on the other side of the door. He cocked his head to one side and sniffed the air. Whoever it was, was purely female and smelled like roses. Smiling, he leaned close to the door and said, "Hey, you in there. Whatever you're trying on, if it doesn't fit...I have something that will."

Buffy clapped a hand over her mouth and moved away from the door, trying not to faint.

Laughing, Spike made his way back up the hallway and paid for his apparatus. The woman, Tanya, smiled at him and asked how he had enjoyed his last "toy". He nodded and started to comment that he enjoyed lurking and scaring her customers more, but settled for telling her that it was wonderful instead. Tanya handed him the remote for his vibrating butt plug and Spike smiled again and headed out into the throngs of people at the mall.

Cautiously peering out of her dressing room, Buffy saw the door swing shut as Spike left the shop. She quickly made her way to the front of the store and signed her charge slip. Buffy took the remote from the clerk and tucked it into her jacket pocket before walking over to one of the covered windows. Pulling the covering back, she glanced around and sent a fervent prayer out that Spike was not out there somewhere watching and waiting to see who she was.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the crowd, trying her best to fit in and not seem like she was hiding anything. Her fingers danced over the remote in her pocket and a small smile curled her lips. She really did feel naughty. Walking around, fully capable of giving herself an orgasm, was not only fun, it was a big turn on. Leaning against Hannah's Hallmark, she flipped the switch on and waited anxiously. Nothing happened and she flipped the switch again, then back and forth rapidly waiting for some kind of sensation.

That was when she heard it. "Bloody hell!"

Standing on her tiptoes, she saw Spike's blond head bobbing up and down. Then the crowd parted, and she saw his hips swiveling left to right, bucking wildly against nothing she could see.

Spike swore and grabbed the remote from his duster pocket, flicking the switch several times. It didn't stop. The butt plug was still vibrating and he was rapidly starting to become aroused in the middle of the mall. He shook the remote and flicked the switch again when suddenly the sensations stopped. Looking carefully at the remote, Spike realized that it was now in the on position. Something was definitely wrong.

Buffy yelped a little when her panties suddenly sprang to life and began to hum against her clit. With wide eyes, she squeezed her legs shut and quickly sat on a bench. Opening and closing her legs and trying not to rub back and forth on the cool wood, she concentrated on her breathing and fumbled with her remote again. Furiously, she tried to find the right button to shut it off and discovered that it was already in that position.

Several people had paused to look at him and Spike tried to decide whether or not to morph and scare them or pretend to be having a seizure. He decided to glare and walk away and started to do just that but his pants were squeezing across his erection and he quickly ducked inside a Christian shop, flicking the switch to see what happened. The minute he was inside, he glared around at the crucifixes and swore loudly. A woman in a long dress and nametag gasped and he began to back away. The vibrating started up again, and he dropped to his knees, trying to stop it by sitting on his ass. He dug for the remote again and dropped it on the floor. Desperate for friction, he clawed his way toward the remote, pulling his ass along the carpet.

Buffy gasped quietly as the vibrating stopped suddenly. She sat there, breathing hard as Spike disappeared into a store with...crosses hanging from the windows? Buffy tilted her head in confusion before picking her remote up once more. She crossed her ankles, pressing her legs close together and flicked the switch to 'on', expecting the vibrating to start up again. Frowning, Buffy looked at the remote to make sure it was on when she heard a loud crash from the store Spike was in. She jumped up and ran over to the door, barely able to hold back her laughter as she saw what was going on inside. Spike was dragging his ass along the ground, reaching for something that looked suspiciously like her remote. Buffy grinned evilly as a thought flashed through her mind. Determined to find out if what she suspected was correct, she turned the switch on her remote off, waited five seconds, and turned it on again.

Spike had stopped squirming as soon as he had the remote in his hand and had just enough time to see that it was 'off' when the vibrating started again. Howling in rage and intense pleasure, he shot to his feet, accidentally grabbing a crucifix as he stood. He howled again, in pain this time and turned to run out of the store. The moment he turned, he saw something that made him furious. Buffy was standing here, clutching her sides, laughing at him as hard as she could. Tears were streaming down her face and she was pointing with one hand. In her other hand, she was clutching-- a remote? A remote like his?

He stared at the one in his hand and looked back at her. Flipping the switch on, he heard her gasp and watched as she began to wriggle and the smile faded. She sucked in her breath and tried to inconspicuously adjust her panties, while she shut off the remote in her hand. As soon as the butt plug was still, Spike shouted, "Aha! It was you in that store."

"What store? I don't know what you're talking about!" Buffy said, starting to back away as he started towards her.

"What do you have on under there, Slayer?" Spike made a grab for her skirt as she shrieked and jumped backwards.

"You, you just stay where you are, or else!"

"Or else what?"

Buffy held the remote up with her hand and casually flicked the switch to 'on'. "This!"

Spike jerked and snarled at her before holding his remote up as well. "This is a game for two." he panted, smirking vindictively as he flicked his remote on as well.

"I'm not turning this off till you do!" Buffy whimpered.

"Really? Can your's do this?" he asked, clenching his teeth as he tried to ignore the sensations deep inside him. Spike showed her his remote and began to move another switch.

Buffy gasped as the vibrations began to grow more and more intense. There was no way she was going to be able to take much more. "Spike, knock it off."

"What's the matter, Slayer? Got your knickers in a wad?" He smiled, forcing himself not to react to the intense pleasure he was feeling. The truth was, he was so hard he doubted he could move.

With a groan, Buffy switched her remote off and pleaded silently for Spike to do that same. Her knees were weak and she didn't think she could move because she was about to explode in the most powerful orgasm of her young life.

Spike narrowed his eyes and stared at her, noting the flush in her cheeks, the hitched breathing and the fine beads of sweat gathering on her forehead. "Why, luv, are you about to come for me?"

"Please, turn it off." She whimpered, not caring that the storeclerk was staring at them intently.

"No." He replied, dancing back and forth happily and holding the remote. "I want to see you flail around this room and get hurt like I did."

Buffy stomped her foot angrily and flipped her remote back on. "Fine. Flail with me."

Spike continued dancing back and forth, but now he was in possession of a rather large scowl and he moved the level switch up another notch.

"Excuse me, but whatever the two of you are on...I don't think it's appropriate for this store. I'm going to have to ask you to leave." The clerk said and Buffy blushed even more as the woman arched an eyebrow at her.

"Do you have a back door we can use?" Spike asked, dropping his arm around Buffy's shoulders. Buffy moaned and tried to shrug him off but he only tightened his hold.

"Straight down that aisle will lead you to our parking lot entrance." The lady replied, anxious to see the two leave.

Spike leaned down and murmured to Buffy, "Turn yours off, luv."

"Not a chance!" she gasped back, trying valiantly to hold back her orgasm.

"I can hold out longer than you can, Slayer, and mine is only set to medium speed right now."

Buffy capitulated and switched her remote off, sagging slightly against him. "Now give it to me." he said, holding out his hand.

Buffy glared up at him and closed her fist tightly around it. "No."

"No?" Spike grinned at her and raised the level on her vibrator slightly.

Buffy moaned and shivered against him, dropping the toy into his outstretched hand. Her breath caught as he swung her up into his arms and headed for the exit.

By the time they made it to the parking lot, Buffy was about to explode. Spike set her on her feet and hitched her skirt up, placing his fingers against the crotch of her panties. "Just as I suspected. Battery powered knickers."

Buffy bucked into his palm, trying desperately to come. She cried out in disbelief when he turned the panties completely off and stared up at him. "Spike!"

"Like I said back at the store, I have something that will fit a lot better than these things." He moved his hand and rubbed his groin against her, letting her feel his erection. "There's nothing like the real thing, baby."

"Then why are you walking around with a plug up your ass?" She replied, furious that he let her get so close and then stopped her. "Can't you get laid?"

"I'm about to." He caught her mouth with his, tangling his hands in her hair and pinning her against one of the stone pillars in the parking lot.

Gasping, she shoved him away. "No, we can't."

"Why not?" He moved toward her and waited for her reply.

"Mortal enemy." Buffy watched him flick the switch again and sank to her knees.

Spike smiled and dropped the remote to the ground, stomping it. The wonderful purring against her clit stopped and she stared up at him. He cocked his head to one side and said, "How bad does your mortal enemy look right about now? You want to come and he knows how to make you."

Buffy scowled at him. "You owe me another one of those!" She gasped and clasped a hand over her mouth, mumbling, "I did not just say that!"

Spike snickered as he pulled her to her feet, bringing her tight against him. He walked them backwards a few steps so that they were once again pressed up against the pillar. "Later," he murmured, "I'll show you what my toy can do."

Buffy lifted shocked eyes up to his and moaned as he thrust against her, his erection pressed against her throbbing clit. Spike lifted her against him, and groaned as she wrapped her legs around him, bringing her hot wet center into contact with his aching cock.

He could feel her heat and moisture through the front of his pants and glanced over his shoulder. A Mercedes-Benz was parked right behind them and he turned them around, lowering her onto the hood. She moaned as the cool steel met her flesh and let him push her back. Smiling devilishly, he shoved her skirt up over her hips and pulled her to the edge. Before she could protest, he grabbed the crotch of her panties and ripped them free, replacing them with his mouth.

Any protests, any concern and any reservation died with the first strong flick of his tongue. Her body took over, putting her mind to rest and she gave in completely. Her fingers found his hair as he skillfully worked her flesh, nipping, licking and tugging at her. Small cries escalated into loud squeals as time and time again, he brought her close and stopped. Finally, she could take no more and screamed, "Spike, make me come!"

Spike stared at her and shook his head. "You don't tell me what to do. You ask me."

"Please, make me come?" She hated herself for giving in so easily but there was nothing left to do but comply.

Smiling, he lowered his head again, taking his time and not giving her what she needed. Buffy gripped the remote in her hand and turned it on. Spike, as if wired himself, began to attack her swollen nub and her eyes rolled back as she came, drenching his face and slamming her hands against the hood of the car. The remote shattered and Spike stood. "You broke it in the ON position!"

Buffy just lay back on the hood of the car, her eyes closed as she began to come back down from the intense high he had just given her. Waving a hand imperiously at him, she murmured a breathy "Can't you just take it out or something?"

Raising her arms above her head, Buffy arched her back, stretching out her muscles as she brought her feet up to rest on the front bumper of the car. Her knees fell further apart as she writhed on the hood, obviously not completely fulfilled. Buffy raised her head to frown at him, "Why are you still all the way over there?"

"Because, Slayer, my ass is giving me fits!" He squirmed, trying to piece the remote back together.

"Well, why would you shove something up your ass in the first place? What did you think it was going it do?"

"Just shut up." He tossed the remote against the wall and stared at her. "Are you satisfied?"

"Not yet?" She wiggled her eyebrows and let her legs fall all the way apart, giving him a bird's eye view of how inviting she truly was.

He licked his lips, still tasting her and unbuttoned the front of his pants. He pulled them down far enough to pull his erection free and toyed with it while he walked the short distance to the car. Spike saw her eyes widen when she saw his size and he smiled, "Don't worry, I'll only make you scream in pleasure."

Buffy swallowed hard, wondering if she'd be able to make any sound at all and let him pull her up for a kiss. Their tongues dueled and she hissed when he dipped a finger into her core, testing her. She pulled free and leaned back, nodding at him. Spike gripped her hips firmly and shoved himself into her, not stopping until she cried out and he was buried to the hilt. With as much force, he pulled free and did it again. By the time he had done it a third time, Buffy wasn't wondering if she could make sounds anymore. The Slayer was screaming his name, over and over again.

Spike surged against her, shuddering at the sensation of her silken walls grasping him tightly with each stroke. The butt plug vibrated, thumping his prostate and overpowering his senses. Buffy held onto him, meeting his every thrust with one of her own. His demon came to the forefront as she raked her nails down his back, arched her body against his, and bared her throat for him. Buffy was caught in a maelstrom of emotions and she wanted to experience every part of him that she possibly could. Fangs, teeth, growling and sweat clouded everything and she moaned his name again.

Spike buried his face in her neck as he continued plunging deeply inside her, hitting her clit every time he slammed into her. Buffy whimpered as she wrapped her legs around him, feeling him even deeper now. Piercing the soft flesh of her neck with his teeth, Spike felt her nails break the skin on his back, drawing blood from him as he drew from her.

The moment the sweet nectar poured from her neck, he came, spilling his seed inside of her with the few remaining thrusts he could manage. Buffy felt him come and bucked wildly, the feeling of his pulsating member inside of her driving her over the edge. Pulling his teeth from her, he lapped at her salty skin and then collapsed on top of her, listening to her heart pound. For what seemed like hours, neither moved and then finally there was a thump on the ground and Spike said, "I think I broke the plug. There it went."

"We'll have to buy you a new one." Buffy replied breathlessly.

"Me? Sorry, luv. It's your turn next."

"You can't possibly expect me to wear one of those."

Spike smirked at her, "That's exactly what I expect from you. Now get dressed, we have more shopping to do."

"I am *not* wearing one of those, Spike...but you do owe me a new pair of...of..." Buffy trailed off, scowling at him.

"Cor, pet! Are you blushing? Now, after all this?"

He laughed as Buffy pushed him off her and hopped off of the car, pulling her skirt down and stomping in the direction of the mall. "Shut up. That's not blush. It's anger that you ruined my panties. And you do owe me."

Spike stayed where he was and growled at her retreating backside. "Hey!" she said, spinning around and snapping her fingers at him, "Are you coming? 'Cause I want to and the mall closes in thirty minutes."

"Anything you say, Slayer, I'm right behind you."

She paused, turning to face him. "Anything?" Spike stopped and looked warily at her.

"That's not what I meant."

Buffy just grinned, not saying a word and headed back into the mall. She cut back through the Christian store, earning more glares from the clerks and groans from Spike. Winding her way back through the straggling customers, she paused outside the door and smiled at him before stepping back through.

This time, when she looked at the various products, she didn't blush. Instead she began to pick and choose carefully, making sure each item was guaranteed to pay him back long and hard for making her wait so long.

With her arms loaded down, she walked to the register and dropped everything. Tanya glanced from one to the other, a knowing grin on her face and said, "Cash or charge?"

"Spike, you're buying."

"I am?"

Buffy shrugged, "Hey, you pay."

Spike arched an eyebrow at Buffy. "I don't have my credit cards with me."

"That's quite all right, Mr. Longvamp," Tanya spoke up, "We'll just put it on your regular account."

"Bloody hell. What happened to discretion?"

Buffy snickered and grabbed the packages, walking out the door and leaving Spike to settle the bill.

The End

Auto Vibes: The Sequel


Spike smirked as he headed up the walkway to Giles', thinking about the previous night. Buffy had been wild under him, over him, incredibly hot and ready for anything.  His smirk changed to a frown as he tried to open the front door and found it locked.  Spike knocked on the front door and remembered how she had been gone when he woke up.  It wasn't like she had school on Saturday, she could have at least been there in the morning.  Spike growled at the door when no one came to let him in and stomped around to the back yard.  He had reached the gate when he heard voices and peered through a crack in the fence into the well lit yard.  The Slayer was sitting at a picnic table, surrounded by her friends and ex-watcher, eating what appeared to be a very large pizza.

"So anyway, what did you *do*last night, Buffy?" Anya smirked her way, laughing a little as the Slayer choked on her pizza. She had informed Buffy that buying vibrating panties was the only way to go and knew that Buffy was planning to buy them the previous night.

"Last night? Oh, you know, nothing." Buffy swallowed alarge gulp of coke and made eye signals at Anya over the top of her can, trying to tell her that now was not one of the best times for her sexual chatter.

"Nothing? Did you go to the store or didn't you?" Anya put her own pizza down and stared at her intently. "I can tell by how you are acting that you didn't get a thrill. Were you left unsatisfied?"

"Yes." Buffy snapped, picking up her plate and tossing it into the trash can near the back door. "I was left unsatisfied. Let's leave it at that."

"Really, pet?" Spike murmured quietly before flicking open.  "We'll see about that."  Pushing open the gate, he stepped into the yard and grinned at the group.  "Fine evening, isn't it, folks?"

Buffy stared at him as he walked over to where she was sitting and pulled up a chair beside her.  "What are you doing here?"

"Watcher called me, said there was a meeting and I had to be here since I 'seem to be helping you all at the moment'."  Spike finished, mimicking Giles at the last.

Anya frowned over at Buffy when she started to push Spike's chair away from her with a foot.  "Ignore her.  She's just frustrated and appears to be taking it out on you.  You obviously didn't buy the right thing, Buffy."

"I bumped into the Slayer at the mall last night at one of those specialty stores," Spike said, leering at Buffy.  "It  was quite the thrill."

"Ohh!" Anya squealed and pointed at Spike. "He's the one who told me about it to begin with. So, what did you buy, Spike?"

Buffy reddened and looked at Giles. "Giles, what did we need to have this meeting for?"

"There's a new team of vampires in town from China. They're smart." Giles picked up a book from a pile beside the picnic table and was about to read it, when Spike interrupted, looking at Anya.

"Buffy got the flowered model."

Anya arched an eyebrow and glanced at Buffy for several seconds before she looked at Spike again. "And you know that because?"

"I was there."  Spike smiled a little and nudged Buffy with his elbow. "Wasn't I here, there, and everywhere?"

Gasping, Anya clapped a hand over her mouth and pointed at the two. Willow, who had been  watching, took a bite of pizza and said, "What specialty shop?"

"Just a toy store." Buffy blurted quickly. "I bought a...toy."

"I bought a teddy at the mall last week." Willow said with a smile. "Did you buy a teddy?"

"Part of one." Spike replied, leaning back into his chair. "Did you buy a vibrating teddy, Willow?"

"No, but it does sing a song when you press it's tummy."

"So does the Slayer." Spike leered in Buffy's direction and ran his tongue over his lips, flicking it pervertedly.

"Giles!" Buffy said desperately.  "Vampires bad."

"How astute," he replied drily, staring hard at Spike before settling his gaze upon her.

Buffy scrunched her eyes shut and sighed heavily.  "I meant the Chinese vampires.  What do they want?"

"Could I speak to you alone for a moment, Buffy?" Giles asked, standing up.

"No." she replied, pouting as Spike continued to make faces at her.

Spike laughed and winked at Anya.  "I didn't think the Slayer knew what that word meant."

Buffy growled and lashed her leg out at Spike, only to have him catch it and haul her onto his lap.  She shrieked and immediately began struggling to get free when he trapped her arms within his.

Anya clapped excitedly and squealed, "Bondage!"  She eyed Buffy jealously.  "You are so lucky to have him, Buffy.  He's been around a long time and has *lots* of

"I don't have him." Buffy cried, trying to break free.

"You had me." Spike pinned her arms and tickled her a little. "And that wasn't a lack of satisfaction that was screaming my name until three in the morning."

"You heard me telling Anya that I was unsatisfied and that's why you're doing this to me!" Buffy was nearly in tears and struggled frantically.

"Maybe I'm missing something here, but are they under a spell again?" Xander pointed at the couple in the chair and made a face. "Cause, I'm thinking that they skipped the wedding and went straight to the wedding night last night."

"Oh god!" Buffy ignored Spike's attempts at tickling her and buried her face in her hands.

"But what does that have to do with a toy st-" Willow's eyes widened and she shrieked, "You went to Tanya's didn't you? You-oh- now I get why you asked me if the teddy vibrated. Do they make vibrating teddies?"

"They make vibrating everything." Anya said with a giggle.

Giles shot to his feet, his face red and stormed into the kitchen, appearing a few moments later with a bottle of scotch. He poured himself a glass, drained it, then tossed the glass aside and tilted the bottle back.

Buffy watched him with her mouth agape. "We've destroyed Giles. Spike, look what you did!"

"Buy him a vibrating butt plug." Spike suggested, smirking as she renewed her struggle.

Buffy was furious and humiliated so she spat out. "Why don't you loan him yours."

"You broke it, luv." He laughed when everyone gasped and looked at them.

"You're the one who blew it out your ass. I wasn't near your ass." She shouted angrily, kicking back into his shin.

He howled and reposition her, pinning her legs as well. "Stop that right now."

"Wait, Spike had something up his ass?" Xander asked, an odd look crossing his face.

"Oh, those are great, honey! I've got one at home you can try out." Anya said, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"An ass vibrator?" Xander screamed, jumping to his feet defensively. "I'm not gay."

"AND I AM?" Spike shouted, tossing Buffy to the ground and standing up as well.

"Angel talked." Buffy snickered, jumping at the chance to retaliate for what he had done to her.

Spike's mouth dropped open and he glared at the people in the backyard. "I wasn't gay.  I was horny and he's GAY!"

"Then why was he with me?" Buffy asked, getting to her feet and crossing her arms.

"Desperation." Spike growled.

Buffy screeched and tried to punch him, which he avoided. "You are so staked!"

"Not if I stake you first." he growled, waiting till she launched herself at him to duck.  Not expecting that, Buffy flew over his head, landing on her back in the soft grass. He pinned her, shifting his weight between her legs and said, "Just like I did last night."

Giles continued his assault on the bottle before him as the two bleached blonds began to make out on the lawn in front of him.

Buffy whimpered as she arched into his touch, the feel of him nipping her neck and rocking gently against her was enough to make her forget that they were surrounded.

"I'm too young to see this," Willow gasped out, covering her eyes with her hands, not daring to peek.

"You can watch, Xander," Anya said decisively.  "It will be educational."

"I don't want...well, maybe I do, but--"

"Just pay attention!" she commanded, pointing at the now kissing duo.

Spike now had one hand sliding up Buffy's back to unfasten her bra while the other hand was busy caressing the soft curves of her body.  She continued to move against him, making soft noises in the back of her throat as he stroked her tongue with his.

Giles stood up and walked unsteadily over to the garden hose.  "Not in my backyard, you don't." he muttered, grasping the hose in both hands and pointing it at them.  Giles shook the hose and scowled when nothing happened.

"Here, let me help."  Xander spoke up, reaching over to the faucet and giving it a sharp twist.

Giles eyed the couple on the ground and smiled evilly as cold water began to bubble forth.

When he felt the pressure build to full blast, he pointed at Spike's back and squeezed the nozzle, blasting him with a hard stream of cold water. Spike bit down, biting Buffy's tongue and rolled off, scrambling to his feet. The water caught her in the face and she screamed. Giles cackled loudly, clearly inebriated and said, "Roll around my yard like a
couple of dogs in heat and I will neuter you both!"
"I can't believe you did that!" Buffy screamed, staring down at her nipples, which were showing under her white T-shirt.

"I can't believe you did Spike." Willow peeked through her hands, saw Buffy's breasts and covered her eyes again. "I didn't do a spell, Giles, I swear."

"I don't care what caused it." Xander had also noticed Buffy's breasts and was staring at them with a lusty grin. "I like it."

Anya followed his gaze and slapped him on the back of the head. "Stop having thoughts about her!"

"Stop having thoughts about Spike." Xander said, still amazed by Buffy's nipples.

"If you look at her tits one more time, I will gouge your eyeballs out." Spike growled, pulling his coat off and wrapping it around Buffy.

Giles was holding the water hose like a gun and when Spike hugged Buffy to him, trying to warm her, he fired again. "Take your hands off of my Slayer immediately!"

"Your Slayer?" Spike moved fast and wrestled the hose away from Giles. "You squirt us again and *my* Slayer will kick your ass."

"My slayer will stick a stake up your-"

"I don't take orders from either one of you!" Buffy stomped her foot and tossed Spike's coat at him. "And Spike, if it is at all possible, I hate you even more than before."

Spike dropped the hose and reflexively caught the coat before it  could hit him in the face and smirked at her rapidly retreating form.  "She's lying, you can tell."

"Why are you still here?!"  Anya demanded.  "You should be going after her, bending her to your will.  Go, go!"

Spike turned and saluted the former demon sharply before taking off after the rapidly departing Slayer.  He ran up behind her as she reached the sidewalk and spun her around.  "My car's this way."

"I'm going--"

"To my car."  Spike pulled the still wet, dripping girl after him, stopping only when they reached his car.  He opened the trunk and pulled out several towels, tossing one to Buffy as he began to dry himself off.

Buffy rolled her eyes and threw the towel back at him, catching him in the back of the head.  "What sense does it make for me to dry my hair when my clothes are wet?" she asked, glancing quickly around at the deserted street before reaching down and pulling her top off.

Spike stared at her as she shimmied out of her pants and panties, tossing her clothing into his trunk before grabbing her towel back and wrapping it around her shivering body.  Buffy grabbed another towel for her hair before hopping into the front seat leaving him standing on the pavement in shock and full arousal.

"Let's go," she hollered, thumping on the roof.  "It's cold and I want the heater on."

"Bossy little brat," Spike muttered, joining her in the car.  "By the way, I bought you something."

Buffy looked at him suspiciously, "You did?"

Spike nodded, pointing to the glove compartment, "It's in there."  He smirked, turning on the ignition and turning the heater up as he heard her gasp softly and felt rather than saw her eyes widen in amazement.

"Wh-what is this?" She pulled the contraption from the glove compartment and stared at it in shock. One end looked like the end of a portable CD player that you plug into your car's lighter for power and the other end had a bright round tube, with a switch.

"It's called an Auto Vibe. A vibrator for your car." He took it and plugged one end into his lighter and flipped the switch. Grinning, he glanced back at Giles' house and then turned back to her when he saw no one looking. He parted the folds in the front of the towel and whispered, "Spread your legs."

"Spike, no, we can't do-" She yelped and stopped talking when he yanked her legs apart and slid the vibrating end against her clit. "Oh God-oh god-oh god."

He leaned closer to her, running his tongue along her neck. "Is that good, baby?"

"Yessss." She hissed and thrust her hips forward, grinding against him.

"Still hate me?" Spike slid his tongue over her earlobe and dipped inside.

"Yes, oh, oh, very, oooh, much."

Someone knocked against the window and Buffy squeezed her legs together, hiding the vibrator under her towel completely. Spike growled and turned, looking at Anya,
Xander and Willow. Xander glanced past him at Buffy and said, "Uhm, it's about to rain and Giles kicked us out. Can you give us a ride to my place?"

Spike looked back at the Slayer and smiled. She was going to pay for that comment about being unsatisfied. "Yes, hop in the back."

Buffy's eyes widened and she reached for the end of the vibrator that was in the cigarette lighter, trying to cut it off.  Spike caught her hand and leaned close to her. "If you turn it off one time on this trip, you will regret it for the rest of your life."

"What are you going to do? You can't-"

"I'll leave town." He replied simply and glanced at everyone in the backseat. As soon as the door was shut, he pulled away from the curb and put his hand in Buffy's lap, one pinky resting on the vibrator to make sure she didn't turn it off.

Buffy shuddered and closed her eyes as she slumped down in the seat, burying her face in Spike's shoulder as the vibrations against her clit radiated through out her body.  "Turn it off," she whimpered quietly, her breath coming in short little gasps as she tried
to control her body's reaction.

"Not a chance, luv."

"So," Anya piped up, resting her arms on the seat in front of her and peering at Spike and Buffy, "what are you two doing?  Did you get a new toy?"  Buffy moaned in mortification as Anya poked at her shoulder.  "Can I see?  What kind is it?  Does it have more than one speed?"

Xander grabbed Anya firmly by the shoulder and pulled her back against him.  "You stay next  to me and leave them alone.  We don't want to know anything at all about what is going on up there."  He glanced over at Willow who had her face buried in a spell book.  "I really don't think this is because of a spell, Wills...also, the book is upside down."

Willow glanced at him, blushing as they all heard Buffy moan audibly followed by Spike's low chuckle.  She quickly righted the book and buried her face once more as Xander turned back to Anya who was currently trying to stick her hand down his pants.

Buffy bit her lip as the moan escaped her Spike he continued to drive down the streets of Sunnydale, seeming to hit every bump and pothole in the road.  "Oh, fuck this," she growled suddenly, thrusting her hips up and clutching Spike's right thigh tightly as he pressed the vibrator firmly against her clit.  Buffy closed her eyes and arched her back, moaning loudly as her orgasm swept through her, the sensations of pleasure making her gasp out his name.  She panted as she collapsed bonelessly against him, sighing in relief as he turned their latest toy off, and lifted her mouth up for his heated open mouthed kiss.

"Ummm...if you pull over, we can get out right here."  Xander said, trying to open the back door.

"If it's raining," Buffy murmured to Spike, running her tongue along his jaw, "I wanna get out and play.  I'm all hot and sweaty now."

"All you 'gits back there, get out now." Spike stared at the red light that had caught them and turned toward the people in the backseat. "Go have coffee or something and we'll come back for you."
"Or Xander and I will go have sex somewhere while you and Buffy go have sex." Anya shoved the door open and pushed Xander out, following clumsily behind him.

Willow sat motionless in the corner, still looking at her book. Spike cleared his throat and she looked up at him. "What?"

"Get out unless you want to see live action." He raised his eyebrow and watched her swallow hard.  "Well?"

She opened the door fast and stumbled out, putting her hands on her hips as they sped away. Looking around for Xander and Anya, she saw them sneaking off toward and alley and sighed. The mall was only a twenty minutes away. If she walked fast she could make it to Tanya's before they closed. Life without a man would not get her down.

Spike leaned his head against Buffy's as she gripped the button of his pants, yanking him free. Her small hand wrapped around him, pumping him up and down as he
struggled to keep the car on the road. The light drizzle had sequed into a flood and he hissed, pulling off the side of the road into a parking lot. "I can't believe you got off in front of them." He growled, locating the latch under the seat so that he could scoot them back and make more room.

"I can't believe I held back at all." She replied, dipping her head down and taking him into her wet mouth.

Spike dropped his head back and dug his hands into the seat back, struggling not to thrust up into her mouth as Buffy slowly tortured him by refusing to move at a fast pace, no matter how much he urged her on with his words.  Spike hissed as he felt her tongue run up along the underside of his cock and flick across the swollen head before sucking him deeply into her mouth again.

Buffy reached over to the door handle with her free hand and turned it, pushing the door open wide.

Spike growled as he felt raindrops begin pelting his face and opened his eyes when he felt himself slip out of Buffy's mouth.  She scrambled over him and out the now open door.

"I told you, I wanna play in the rain."  Buffy stood in front of him, arms at her waist as the rain poured down upon her nude body.  She grinned at him before taking off running into the park, knowing that he would follow.

Shaking his head, Spike zipped up and stepped out of the car, stripping off his shirt, and tossing it in the backseat before starting out after her.

He didn't have to go far.

Buffy stood still, not even looking at him as she lay back on the widest slide Spike had ever seen.  She stretched her arms high above her on the cool metal, spreading her legs wide and allowing the rain to wash over her completely.

As Spike neared Buffy, he could see her biting her lip in obvious desire as the individual rain drops caressed her body as they fell.  The rain choose no particular spot or any definite order in its pattern of touch, simply managing to arouse by the pure randomness of feeling.  She arched against his hands as he began to stroke her breasts, lowering his head to draw her tightly pebbled nipples into his mouth, alternating back and forth and she writhed under him.

Buffy whimpered as the rain continued to soak their bodies, making everything seem closer and more intense than it had been the night before.  She reached down and unzipped him, shoving his pants down slightly before bringing her legs up and hooking her toes in the waistband and pushing them further down his body.

Spike stepped away from her body momentarily and toed off his shoes before sliding his jeans the rest of the way down his legs.  He kicked them off completely and covered her body with his, shielding her from the rain.  Parting her lips with his tongue, Spike drank Buffy in, the rain demanding to also be a part of this coupling.  Spike growled softly against her mouth as she ran her nails along his back, lightly scratching him as he plunged deeply inside her.

Buffy threw her head back and moaned, a husky sound that came from someplace that was rarely awakened. She felt her body stretch to accommodate him and dug her heels into the backs of his legs, pulling him further and faster. Lightning lit up the sky around them and when Spike reached between them to massage her clit with his fingers, she squeezed her eyes shut  and was blinded by fireworks that came from within.

Spike felt her begin to spasm and lost control, slamming into her so hard that he pushed her further up the slide. Growling, he gripped her thighs and tugged her back down, lifting her to meet his powerful blows. He watched her clutch the edges of the cool metal and push upward, thrusting her hips to slam against him even harder.

The lightning pulsed, almost like a strobe light and he stared down at her; unable to take his eyes off of her jiggling breasts and wet flesh. She  called his name again and pulled her upward, turning so that he was sitting on the slide and she was across his lap, straddling him. Her powerful legs locked on him and she began to bounce, sending him over the edge.

As he shot his cold semen into her hot channel, she leaned back and he took the opportunity to pierce the flesh of her breast, right at the nipple. He worried it into his mouth, drinking while he toyed with it. Buffy moaned out again and he felt her orgasm start anew. Smiling, Spike pulled away and looked up at her.  "Satisfied?"

"Very." Buffy's breathing was so jagged that she felt dizzy.

"While you're looking so well fucked and flushed, we'll go get your friends. Let them see for themselves that *I* know how to please a woman."

"You're so conceited." Buffy pried herself off of his lap, his body protesting the vacancy he left and turned toward the car. "This can't keep happening."

Spike caught her elbow and yanked her to face him. "I can and will keep happening. We haven't used strap-ons, nipple clips, or whips and chains."

"I'm not your sex slave." She cried, pulling her arm free.

Yanking her forward, he pulled her mouth to his and plundered her mouth thoroughly, his tongue lashing out at her and making her whimper under the assault. His hands tangled into her hair and he growled, pulling away after several tormenting minutes. "You will be mine."


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