Before It Changed You

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A laugh was a laugh before it changed you
Before it changed you a smile was a smile
A kiss was a kiss before it changed you
Before it changed you you were mine
One night together changed me..
I wanted to wake up by your side
But you were gone and it changed you
And then hell was ripped open wide
I fought with the monster you became
But I never once lost faith in you
And even when you killed Jenny
My love for you pulled me through
But who was I to love you
When I knew it is my call to slay
Who were we to fight the odds
We were as different as night and day
It's all my fault that this is it
It's my fault that you were changed
I look at my reflection in the window
And know that I'm to blame
If I am the Chosen One..
And I must fight for the world
Then why do I have to have a heart
Why am I just a girl
To find you and bring you back
I'd crawl through hell on my knees
I'd fight anything
To bring you back to me
The road that I've taken
Has turned so dark and grey
I lean my head against the window
And watch the night time turn to day
It's lonely where I am
And the images of you reaching for me
Haunt my every second
Your face is all I see
Where could I have changed it
Was Xander right all along
Would you be here right now
If I had left you alone
I need to hold you again
But all I have is this ring
"I'll be back, I will." you said
It all feels like a dream
I'll close my eyes and think of you
Every second of every day
And if there is ever a chance for us
Our love will find the way
I don't know where I'm heading
But it doesn't help to run
I see you on every corner
You'll always be the one
I can hear you laughing
As I taste my tears
Before it changed you...
You were here....
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